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Before I begin, I gotta say that anybody who disrespects someone because of the color of their skin is a friggin’ a-hole. There’s simply no excuse for that. There are causes; most notably Pea Brain Syndrome, but that can be corrected if someone wants. So … no excuses. If that’s you, please find another team besides the Cubs to root for.

Ok, so anybody hear what Milton Bradley said about Chicago Cubs baseball fans yesterday? Anybody kicked in the stomach, spit on or sucker punched yesterday? Kinda the same thing.

Now, I don’t want any of you to think that I give a rat’s ass about what Milton Bradley says about Cubs fans. But I just gotta respond to someone who takes a cheap shot at us, even if the source is a light-hitting, grossly over-paid, whining, sulking, pain-in-the-ass like the Monopoly guy. (He was called something else by Lou, but I’ll just leave that one alone.)

Anyway, Bradley — a guy that’s so beloved that he’d been on 8 different Major League ball clubs in 11 years — intimated that if you booed him on the field, you are a racist. Oh sure, yeah, that’s right. Bradley got booed because of the color of his skin. Not the fact that he sucked in the field, or that he sucked at the plate, or that he sucked as a teammate. And lest we forget … his blockhead toss of the ball in the stands with only two outs, his not infrequent nuclear temper tantrums, and an attitude so bad that he was asked by management to pack up and go home before the end of the season.

Mr Happy went on to say that “unless you’re Superman — you’re Andre Dawson, you’re Ernie Banks, you’re in the Hall of Fame — then it’s going to be tough” for African-Americans to play in Chicago. Gimme a friggin’ break. We love everybody. Show me a team that’s sucked as much as we have in the last 100 years but still fills the stands with Jobe-like loyalty, and I’ll show you the Red Sox. And we’re exactly like the Red Sox, only more so. You don’t have to walk on water to be loved in Chicago. All you gotta do is try, respect the game, and appreciate the fans that are lining your pockets with gold.

Bradley, on the other hand, says that things were so bad for him in Chicago that he “felt like a prisoner in [his] own home”, he “ordered in every day” and “never went anywhere.” Too bad that isn’t quite true, cuz if he’d really not gone anywhere, he wouldn’t have come to the damn ballpark either, and we would have been spared his season of discontent. Actually, it was only one of them, but it was the one we got to see up close and personal.

So, to the Mariners, I say good luck with that trade you made with us. You think it’s cold and gray in Seattle? You ain’t seen nothing yet. And to Cubs management, I ask if there’s any way we can have our brief relationship with Milton Bradley annulled, like a bad marriage that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. It would be good to have him stricken from the Cubs record, so as not to leave a permanent stain on the right field grass.