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Hey there, flap jacks. I freely admit that I’m not ever 100% sure what Theo is doin’. Hell, I’m not even 27% sure. But then that’s why he’s runnin’ the best baseball team in an 800 light year radius and I work in a sausage factory. I’m not complaining. Me and sausage are like Bert and Ernie, milk and cookies, Rogers and Hammerstein. But I think we can all agree that runnin’ the Cubs is a better gig, and definitely comes with the kinda fringe that puts my annual Christmas bonus case of red hots on the top of the shame pile. And hey, kudos to Theo. The Cubbies are treating the rest of baseball like a baby treats a diaper. Love it.

But this Shalamar trade with the A’s for Chris Coghlan? I don’t get it.

Why trade for a .260 hitter? (Only a .146 hitter if you’re talkin’ just this year in Oakland.) Does the name Mendoza ring any bells? Yeah, I know … the Cubs have a few banged up guys, and a little backup will help get us over the aches and pains. But c’mon. Coghlan … that’s it? Mmm-kay, he knows the system. I’ll give you that one. He can play a few different positions. Especially the 7 and 9 spots where, with Schwarber gone for the duration, Soler hurt and Heyward outta the lineup occasionally cuz of his Ironman imitations, he can band-aid things for us. Versatility is good. But if he’s SO friggin’ good why the hell did we broom him in the first place? Riddle me that, Batman. (Hey, me and sausage are like Batman and Robin, too.) It’s got a bit of odoriferous desperation to it, which I hate smelling … not because it’s questionalble … but because Theo made the move even though it seems that way.

This is where me not being even 27% sure what the hell Theo is doin’ sandpapers my hiney. Cuz either I gotta just bow to the altar of Theo’s brain, and trust that he knows somethin’ about Coghlan that ain’t very apparent in his numbers, or there’s somethin’ happening around the corner that no one but Theo can see, and he’s layin’ the ground work for it. I hate friggin’ uncertainty. For the first 54 years of my life I could count on the Cubs being 20 games out by the mid-season classic. This year and last, I’m surprised if we lose. I like that. I don’t like wonderin’ what the Cubs see in a .146 hitter that they traded less than a year ago. Now there’s something magically delicious about him?

Is it gonna be better the second time? We’ll see. I love the taste of crow (or pigeon, in this case) when it comes to this kinda thing.


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  1. Chris Sperry Reply

    The Cubs have made some significant moves in the last two years. I’m thinking that his locker was cleaned out to make room for bigger names. That said, Chris Coghlan is a veteran guy who can play. Multiple positions, too — a good thing, with Fowler, Schwarber, Soler, and La Stella all out. My guess is that Coughlin is great in the clubhouse, and that you’ll see his numbers — normally quite respectable — rebound in Chicago where he won’t be asked to shoulder the load.

  2. Joe Schlombowski Reply

    Like I said, band wagon, Theo is the man. And you make a rational argument. Where 2 and 2 is addin’ up to 6.42 for me is the trend downward in average and walks, and the Saturn V rocket behind his strikeouts. Things aren’t good this year. Maybe he doesn’t like Oakland. (I’ve been there; it sucks.) Maybe there’s pressure there that ain’t in Chi-town, although that’s pretty hard to imagine. Maybe he’s been pouting cuz they cleaned his locker out (for bigger names or not) just when the Cubs are starting to unleash 108 years of frustration on the baseball world. That woulda put me in a tropical depression for sure. Or, maybe … just maybe … we traded for the same guy that wasn’t worth keeping a few months ago, when his numbers were a whole lot better than they are now. Makes me scratch my head (when I’m not scratchin’ elsewhere, that is).