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Normally I would just let this slide past me, since it seems to be a relatively frequent occurrence these days … kinda like how I don’t pay attention to whatever idiotic thing just came outta The Donald. But one of these teams was the Cubs, so I gotta put in my 2 cents. And that’s this:

The utter stupidity of some Little League coaches (and some Little League parents, for that matter) never ceases to make me wanna secede from the human race. I’ve been around baseball since I was in diapers, so I’ve seen my share of this kinda thing. Like I said, it’s not that uncommon. What’s uncanny, though, is that every damn time — at least it seems like it — the eunuchs involved are the sorta loud-mouthed know-it-alls that have as much useful knowledge about baseball as I do about string theory and particle physics. I money-back guarantee you that’s the case here.

What I DO know, is that when morons like this decide to swing their dicks at each other they’re making a big mistake, if for no other reason than the decision itself means they have no dicks. What’s worse (for everyone except their wives or girlfriends … obvioiusly) is what their actions are teaching the kids — the ball players who are there just trying to learn the game and have some fun. What do they learn from this? The pick off play? The double steal? The drag bunt? No, no and no. Do they think “Wow, Mr So-en-so is just like Lou used to be. He must be a like a really great coach.” No, they don’t. They wonder why the hell these two MMA wannabes are ruining their game. And the sons — there are always sons — of these honyocks (look it up) are living in a nightmare. Not only are they so royally embarrassed that they wanna run and hide in the clubhouse (except there isn’t one in Little League), they also have to live with these guys, and their expectations, and their lack of control. I’m sure it makes for a happy childhood.

I’d like to see these colossal a-holes suffer the wrath that Bartman got; to not be able to show their faces in public; to be scorned by all who know them, and everyone else for that matter. And I sure as hell don’t think they should be coaching anyone. Least of all young, impressionable kids. #banemfromthegame


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